Iā€™m Ragnor. I'm a founder, independent researcher and aspiring polymath.

  • I studied Artifical Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh and wrote my thesis on computational drug discovery.
  • I am interested in how Information Theory connects the seemingly unrelated fields of Machine Learning, Bayesian Inference, Thermodynamics, Systems Biology and Reinforcement Learning.
  • I am passionate about Synthetic Biology and how we can program Biology to better understand complex biological systems and solve important problems in medicine and the environment.

  • šŸ“š I'm currently reading "The Warmth of Other Suns", and "Hackers and Painters".

    šŸ›  I'm building Edventure, an operating system for turning students and researchers into entrepreneurs solving global challenges.

    Aside from work I am passionate about learning languages (currently Arabic), playing sports with friends and adventure travel.

    šŸŽ§ These days I'm listening to Ozuna, Sufjan Stevens, and Bach.

    Say hi on Twitter, or drop me an email.

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